Low Libido on Birth Control: The What, Why, and How to Manage”

Low Libido and Birth Control: Is there a Connection?

Have you noticed a drop in your sex drive? Are you on birth control? This may be the reason!


You may find you are less interested in sex than you used to be. Or maybe you are having problems getting aroused. If this is happening with you, know that you are not alone. Low libido is actually a common side effect of birth control. In fact, it’s the reason why some women stop taking birth control.


But first, What is Low Libido?


Libido is your sex drive. It’s the desire for any kind of sexual activity. Low libido is when your sex drive is lower than you would like it to be.

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A Few Words On Birth Control

Birth control has been an amazing thing for women and sexual freedom. Reliable
contraceptive methods mean we can have sex, and sexual freedom, without the fear
of unwanted pregnancy.


Birth control includes things that don’t affect hormones, like:

·      Caps or diaphragms

·      Condoms

·      The female condom

·      Non-hormonal copper IUD

·      Spermicide

·      Natural family planning using fertility

Hormonal birth control methods alter your hormones. 

They include:

·      The combined pill (with estrogen + progestin)

·      The progestin-only pill

·      Hormonal implant, injection or patch

·      Hormonal plastic IUD

·      Vaginal ring

·      Emergency contraception pill


Does Birth Control Cause Low Libido In Women?


The hormonal contraceptives are truly effective at preventing

They work because they release pregnancy-preventing hormones into your


When taking hormonal birth control, some women do experience
issues with sex, libido and arousal. In research, women using hormonal
contraception are more likely to have low libido compared to women using
hormone-free contraception. 

Experiencing reduced desire is a strong reason why women
change contraceptive method (Malmborg A, 2016).

What Causes Low Libido On Birth Control?

The main reason for low libido on birth control is that the hormonal birth control
methods affect your hormones. These methods decrease the production of
androgen hormones. Testosterone is the key androgen hormone.


Testosterone, or T, could also be called the horny hormone. It is
the main driver of libido and sexual fantasies in both men and women.
Testosterone levels are closely linked to sex drive and whether it is high or


The drop is T is why some women have low libido. Often, when a
woman goes off birth control, she finds a new surge in libido. So, after coming
off of the pill, you may find you’ve got your mojo back and are more interested
in sex.


Other Side Effects of Birth Control


For some people, hormonal birth control can cause physical and
sexual side effects. These include things like:


·      Fatigue

·      Dizziness

·      Nausea

·      Bloating

·      Weight gain

·      Painful or tender breasts

·      Mood issues like depression or anxiety

·      Irregular periods or spotting

·      Yeast infection

·      Cramping

·      Increased vaginal dryness

·      Changes in orgasm frequency or intensity


None of these side effects are going to help you get in the mood
for sex. If you really are struggling with any side effects, it might be time
to reconsider your birth control and switch to another method.


What Birth Control Method Doesn’t Lower Libido?


Sometimes low libido can improve by switching to a pill with
different levels of different hormones. The progestin-only birth control
pills (the mini pill) do not affect androgen levels and thus have a lower
chance of decreasing libido compared to combination birth control pills.


Any of the
non-hormonal barrier methods will avoid side effects, including low libido.
These are:


·      Caps or diaphragms

·      Condoms

·      The female condom

·      Non-hormonal copper IUD

·      Spermicide

·      Natural family planning using fertility


What Can You Do About Low Libido on Birth Control?


Talk to your doctor about your low libido on birth control. They
may be able to recommend a different type of birth control that doesn’t have
the same side effects.

What Can you do to Boost Libido, on your own?

·      Exercise is a great way to increase your libido.
It releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects.


·      Try eating a healthy diet. Foods that are high
in zinc and magnesium can help increase your sex drive. Think oysters (zinc)
and dark chocolate (magnesium).


·      Reduce and manage your stress. Stress can have
a negative impact on your libido. Find healthy ways to manage stress, such as
yoga, meditation or spending time in nature.


·      Talk to your partner about what’s going on.
They may be able to offer support and understanding.


·      Try to create a romantic atmosphere in the
bedroom. Light candles, put on some music or take a bubble bath together.


·      Experiment with different types of foreplay.
This can help you get in the mood and make sex more enjoyable.


·      Don’t put pressure on yourself to have sex if you’re
not feeling it. It’s okay to say no sometimes.




Remember that low libido is a common side effect of birth control,
but it’s not permanent. There are things you can do to help boost your sex
drive. Talk to your doctor, make some lifestyle changes and communicate with
your partner. Get in touch with us at The Libido Doctor. We’ll help get you back
in the mood in no time!

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