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Hello there! This is Dr. Diane Mueller and welcome to Your Libido Doctor, where we delve into the personal aspects of your libido because, let’s face it, few things are more intimate than that. I’ve personally experienced the ups and downs of libido in my own life. There were times when my desire was intense, and thoughts of intimacy were always on my mind. And then there were periods when severe chronic illness made even walking a challenge, and my libido seemed to vanish. In past relationships, I’ve witnessed the initial surge of desire, only to see it dwindle as challenges arose. To reclaim what I had lost, I immersed myself in studying under relationship coaches, sex coaches, and tantric practices. I even took up pole dancing and sensual dance classes to rekindle my passion. Additionally, I’ve dedicated myself to reading medical literature on libido to gain a comprehensive understanding from both a research and medical perspective. I have a double doctorate: Naturopathic Doctor, and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

While I’ve learned a great deal about maintaining a healthy libido (and I must say, I’ve succeeded in that regard), one crucial lesson I’ve embraced is that libido is intensely personal.

Different Women

Different Bodies

What’s considered healthy for one woman may differ for another. This makes perfect sense since most aspects of health are highly individualized. In our work, we don’t shy away from the real and vulnerable topics. We address the physical factors behind low libido in women and discuss strategies for restoring their sexual function. We encourage you to be real with yourself, just as I had to be. I had to confront the relationships that were detrimental to my well-being, my neglect of my own pleasure, and the ways in which I failed to honor myself. By facing these truths head-on, I not only discovered more about my own desires and preferences but also developed a relationship with my intimate life that continues to heal me on multiple levels.
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Unique Goals

Unique Libido Needs

If you’re still reading, that’s fantastic! This work isn’t for everyone, and your experience doesn’t have to mirror mine. We all have unique libido needs and goals. The primary aim of my work in reversing low libido in women is to understand your specific desires and aspirations. How would an improvement in your libido transform your life? Once we grasp that, we’ll work together to remove any obstacles—be they physical, mental, or environmental—that stand in your way. You are a beautiful individual. You deserve to feel fulfilled. And you are unquestionably worth the effort. We are here to support you whenever you’re ready!

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