Empowered Aging: The Science of Longevity and Sensuality with Dr. Nicole Marcione

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The Science of Longevity and Sensuality

“I don’t feel safe in my body. I don’t feel confident. I only feel shame.”

It’s no secret that making harsh comments about your own body directly translates to harming your own self-esteem. This is particularly true for women navigating the complex journey of midlife, starting from motherhood, where sensuality and self-intimacy often get lost in the shuffle of life’s demands. In today’s episode, we are hosting Dr. Nicole Marcione, an expert in longevity, desire, and vibrancy in midlife – with a mission to shift the paradigm from the current anti-aging BS to empowered aging.

Dr. Marcione will delve into the science of longevity and sensual living, the common pitfalls women face upon entering motherhood, body image issues as women age, and how to reclaim self-intimacy that will in turn boost your sexual confidence in the bedroom.

We’ll cover:
  • The epidemic decline of sensuality as women age
  • Amidst kids and jobs: what happens when sensuality falls to the wayside?
  • Linking the science of longevity with sensual living
  • How sensuality differentiates itself from sexuality
  • Why it’s crucial to focus on self-intimacy before relationship intimacy 
  • Sensual practices for a more sexy aging

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Dr. Nicole Marcione is an expert in longevity, desire and vibrancy in midlife. She is the CEO Founder of SexySmart Aging™: Blending the Science of Longevity with the Art of Sensual Living. She has a Ph.D from the University of Southern California (USC). Her doctoral research focused on how mind-body intervention affects on cognitive function, mobility and aging. She has her B.S. in Lifespan Health and M.S. in Gerontology from USC. 

Dr. Nicole works with clients all over the globe supporting them to feel engaged, powerful and confident in their unique aging process by blending the Science of Longevity and the Art of Sensual Living. She is an author and international speaker, teaching workshops and presenting her research worldwide. Her mission is to shift the paradigm around aging… from the current anti-aging BS to empowered aging. You can find her in Hermosa Beach, CA; living a life full of longevity, desire & vibrancy! La Dolce Vita.

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