The Cost of Pretending Perfection on Your Bedroom Performance

Episode 4

How to reclaim your sexual confidence in the bedroom

Hearing your partner say you’re the BEST sex they’ve ever had… isn’t that the dream? 

And with that thought, you map out your game plan. How to give the perfect blowjob? How to be a perfect kisser? How to look perfect in the bedroom?

This is perfectly normal. When it comes to sex, we have absorbed the conditioning that as a female it’s our duty to study the art of sex and be exceptional at providing pleasure AND receiving it… sometimes at the cost of our own sexual needs and authenticity. This can lead us down a rabbit hole of anxiety, overthinking, and (wink) fake orgasms – which are all the opposite of sexy.

In today’s episode, we’re unpacking how sexual perfectionism develops, the harm it can bring to your sex life and body image, and how to reclaim your sexual confidence in the bedroom.

We’ll cover:
  • Why women feel pressured to fake orgasms
  • Signs you might have perfectionistic tendencies and performance anxiety
  • What happens when you focus on looking sexy instead of letting go
  • How having a low self-esteem and overthinking can hurt your sex life
  • The importance of body positivity and how to cultivate it
  • Ways to self-express through micro-movements
  • The power of letting go during sex

Stay classy and sexy. Listen to the episode now. ✨

How to Talk to Your Husband about Sex:

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