Monogamy Reinvented: Unveiling Pathways to Novel Experiences

Episode 6

Everyone wants some spice in their relationship. However all too often, especially in a long-term partnership, we find ourselves looking at the grass on the other side and wondering… is monogamy truly for me? What happened to the once burning desire I used to have for my partner? How can we rekindle the flames for good?

In today’s episode, we are going to tackle monogamy and steps you can take to integrate novelty in your relationship with your significant other. We’ll help you keep things juicy, spicy, and hot – both in the bedroom and out. Monogamy has never been sexier.

We’ll cover:
  • Concept of monogamy versus polyamory
  • Why it can be tempting to enter an open relationship (and common pitfalls)
  • The importance of knowing your relationship style
  • Law of familiarity and how it affects love and passion in our relationships
  • Navigating the end of the honeymoon period
  • How our dopamine system works and its role in our brain’s motivation
  • The ultimate secret to finding novelty
  • The erotic power of sexual and emotional variety

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