How to Talk About Sex with Your Partner

Episode 7
How to Talk About Sex with Your Partner

Good communication is one of the most significant pillars of a healthy relationship. Everyone knows this. Your partner knows this. You know this. And yet, why can it be so incredibly difficult… especially when talking about the delicate topic of sex? 

In today’s episode, join us as we decode the complexities of sensual communication. Learn how to affectionately open up to your significant other and create a safe space for addressing your sexual concerns and communicating them respectfully. 

After all, if you want satisfactory sex, you need to be able to talk about sex.

We’ll cover:
  • The importance of sensual communication in sexual relationships
  • What communication in a healthy and happy relationship look like
  • Why you have to be careful with your partner’s self-esteem and ego
  • The best time to talk about sex
  • Is it OK to bring up sex in the bedroom?
  • How to raise sexual concerns without sounding confrontational
  • Positive reframing tips and linguistic strategies for a stronger relationship

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