How to Get Pregnant (and enjoy it!) if Your Libido is Low with Dr. Susan Fox | Ep 43

Episode 43

Have you ever felt the weight of trying to conceive dampen the spark in your bedroom?

Dr. Diane Mueller here, and I’ve brought in fertility expert Dr. Susan Fox to shed light on how the pursuit of parenthood can influence our sexual desire. We’ll discuss the stressful cycle that can inadvertently cool one’s libido, and offering nuggets of wisdom on how to preserve that vital connection with your partner. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How scheduling conception affects passion
  • The difference between being sensual and sexual
  • Heightening sexual arousal amidst emotionally-charged fertility treatments
  • The different facets of your sexuality through archetypes

Stay classy and sexy. Slip into something comfortable, and listen to the episode now. 💖

About the Guest:

For more than 23 years Dr. Fox has helped hundreds and hundreds of women navigate their fertility journey and enjoy a healthy pregnancy. As founder of Health Youniversity and creator of the Your Fertile Health online program, she brings the knowledge of her private practice to you, combining the best of ancient wisdom with modern science to ensure you receive the best evidence-based support.

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