How to Release Tension from Your Pelvic Floor with Alexandra Durigan

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In today’s episode, we are sharing expert tips on how to deal with sexual dysfunction caused by tension and trauma in your pelvic floor. We’re joined by Alexandra Durigan, Founder of Origin Pelvic Care, an expert in sexuality, reproductive, and pelvic care with a mission to empower women in their sexual health journey.

Alexandra will be delving into the link between the pelvic area and sexuality, what may be causing pelvic pain, and tips on how to find relief and regain control of your sexual drive and desire.

We’ll cover:
  • Pelvic dysfunction affecting sexual drive and desire
  • Different waterways of the body and how they all connect
  • Causes of tension and trauma in the pelvic area
  • Risks of not receiving pelvic care
  • Expert tips for a healthy pelvic floor

Stay classy and sexy. Listen to the episode now. ✨


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