“I Understand How You Feel”: Exploring Empathy in Intimacy

Episode 26
Exploring Empathy in Intimacy

When the flame of emotional connection starts flickering, it’s a sign that something may be amiss. After all, it’s not just the candlelit dinners that matter but the deep, emotional connections that fan the flames of desire.

In this episode, join us as we break down how unresolved issues and lack of empathy in a relationship can lead to a decrease in libido. Recognize the signs when your libido is telling you to take a step back and prioritize self-care or when it’s time to plan that much-needed getaway to rekindle the passion. 

We’ll cover:
  • How empathy deepens intimacy
  • How unresolved issues can lead to a decline in libido
  • The link between libido and self-perception
  • The importance of feeling loved by your partner
  • How men and women respond to stress and sexual release
  • How to help your partner relax and be present
  • Libido as a barometer for stress management
  • Why self-care and stress recovery are important for a healthy sex life
  • How to address feelings of overwhelm

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