Introducing Sex Toys into Your Partnered Relationship

Episode 21

Not climaxing as much as your partner? Introducing sex toys into your relationship might be something to consider. 

However, we know that talking about it might feel a bit awkward – who wants their partner to think they’re not good at sex, right? We don’t want to hurt their feelings. Plus, expressing what you want sexually can be anxiety-inducing as it taps into potentially vulnerable spots of your relationship.

In this episode, we are diving into the dos and don’ts of introducing sex toys into the bedroom, communication strategies you can adopt, and vibrator tips if you’re just starting to use them. 

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We’ll cover:
  • Why sex toys are (really) important
  • The “orgasm gap”: why women climax significantly less than men
  • Dos and Don’ts of introducing sex toys into the bedroom
  • Reframing techniques for persuading your partner
  • The ultimate vibrator tool for beginners
  • How to use a vibrator with a partner
  • When NOT to talk about sex toys with your partner
  • Where to shop for sex toys together

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