Keeping the Flames Alive in Your Long-Term Relationship

Episode 36
Secrets to keeping the flame alive in long-term love


Ever felt the heat of your relationship simmer down to a comfortable, yet uninspiring warmth?

Get ready to rekindle the spark as we invite you into the Libido Lounge for a candid exploration of passion and playfulness in monogamous relationships. We’re not just talking about reigniting the spark—we’re throwing in a whole fireworks display of ideas to help you and your partner create a sensual extravaganza.

From the art of flirtation to daring heart-to-heart conversations, we discuss the vital role of emotional intimacy and why penciling in pleasure and exploring sexual novelties can lead to a whole new world of satisfaction. 

We’ll cover:
  • Maintaining passion in long-term monogamous relationships
  • Introducing novelty in your sex life
  • The importance of spending some time apart and scheduling sex
  • Sexual novelties you can try — roleplay, positions, toys, and more!

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