Mindfulness for Mind-Blowing Sex

Episode 28
Mindfulness for Mind-Blowing Sex

Ever wondered why a kiss can send shivers down your spine or why certain touches linger in your memory? 

In today’s episode, join us as we explore the nuances of a woman’s crescendo to climax and share transformative practices that will align your mind and body for a more thrilling sexual life. We’ll delve into the art of slowing down, the concept of a runner’s high and its sexual parallels, and strategies to foster a profound connection with our body beyond the boudoir.

We’ll cover:
  • Mindfulness and sex
  • The art of tuning into your 5 senses
  • Why it can be so difficult to reach sexual climax
  • Ways to achieve a better mind-body connection

Stay classy and sexy. Slip into something comfortable, and listen to the episode now. 💖

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