Switch Your Libido On: Navigating Chronic Fatigue with Dr. Jenny Tufenkian

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Switch Your Libido On: Navigating Chronic Fatigue with Dr. Jenny Tufenkian

Does the mere thought of having sex make you feel tired? With so many changes in the world over the last few years, it’s all too easy for chronic fatigue to sneak its way into a person’s mental health and disrupt intimacy and desire for bedroom activities.

Today, we are hosting Dr. Jenny Tufenkian, a Board-certified Naturopathic Physician, Burnout Specialist, and Creator of Core Vitality – with a mission to help chronically fatigued individuals reclaim their energy and vitality. 

Dr. Jenny will delve into chronic fatigue, what switches your libido on and off, and strategies for breaking free from the downward spiral of stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk. Listen in to reclaim your sexual energy and shift your subconscious into thinking you’re truly beautiful, sexy, and sex-ready. 😉

We’ll cover:
  • Struggling with chronic fatigue in sex life
  • Balancing the 3 layers of libido: physical, emotional, and energetic
  • Libido Slayers and Libido Inducers (what turns you on / what turns you off?)
  • Why you shouldn’t strive for perfection in the bedroom
  • How stress, anxiety, and low self-worth impact libido
  • The importance of feeling safe with yourself
  • Strategies to reframe negative self-talk
  • Simple routines to boost your self-confidence

Stay classy and sexy. Listen to the episode now. ✨


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