The Delicious Tension of Sexual Polarity

Episode 19
The Delicious Tension of Sexual Polarity

Struggling with monotonous, dull sex? Perhaps all your sex life needs is a hot sprinkle of polarity play. ☯

Polarity play is the concept of magnetic attraction between two opposing forces. Yin and yang, giving and receiving, light and dark. Most of us fall easily into between one of these roles – we either dominate or be dominated. Neither role is superior nor more powerful. What polarity does is create attraction, energy, and balance. 

But how exactly can polarity play ignite a spark in your sex life? In today’s episode, we answer this question and more as we dive into polarity play, the natural tendencies of each pole, and how to play with polarity switching and power exchange for a delicious sprinkle of novelty in your sex life. 

We’ll cover:
  • How polarity plays into lust and attraction
  • The two opposite forces: are you a giver or a receiver?
  • The magnetic appeal of polarity plays
  • Exploring your natural tendencies in the poles
  • Playing with polarity switching
  • Exercises in polarity play
  • How polarity play aids novelty in your relationship

At the end of the episode, you’ll come out with a deeper understanding of your natural energy and the contrasting energy you draw from your partner – forming a foundation of awareness upon which you can then integrate polarity switching to spice up your bedroom life.

Stay classy and sexy. Listen to the episode now. ✨

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