The Influence of Emotional Safety on Libido

Episode 24
The Influence of Emotional Safety on Libido

Emotional safety is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Without it, there may be feelings of isolation, mistrust, and resentment. When you feel safe with your partner, you trust them wholly and feel naturally reassured that they won’t do anything to hurt you on purpose.

But with menopausal symptoms in the mix… it can get extra tricky to cultivate emotional safety in a partnership. It becomes more important to understand psychological patterns when handling conflict, communication strategies to sidestep emotional violations, and treatment options to mitigate symptoms.

In today’s episode, join us as we focus on the emotional ecosystem of hormonal imbalance, how it changes at menopause, and tips on how to cultivate emotional safety in your relationship for a better partnership inside and outside the bedroom. 

We’ll cover:
  • Emotional ecosystem and how it impacts libido
  • The correlation between a decline in estrogen and your mental health
  • Your treatment options to mitigate menopausal symptoms
  • The importance of emotional safety in a relationship
  • How males and females think during and after an argument
  • The vicious cycle of safety 
  • Why men always feel attacked and women always feel invalidated
  • How to cultivate emotional safety in a relationship

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