The Link Between Infertility and Low Libido with Dr. Aumatma Simmons

Episode 35
Low Libido in Women

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Have you ever felt pressured to have a baby, making intimacy feel more like a duty than something enjoyable? 

Bitter as it may be, conception isn’t always easy and can create tension in a relationship

In today’s episode of Libido Lounge, we welcome Dr. Aumatma Simmons as she pulls back the curtains on this intimate struggle, sharing her expert insights on how libido and infertility are intricately connected. We delve into the emotional challenges couples face when trying to conceive, where the focus on becoming parents can overshadow the joy of being intimate.

We also talk about about how couples can reignite the excitement they felt at the start of their relationship, fertility beliefs that need to be challenged, and tips on how to get pregnant without relying on the “perfect timing” method.

We’ll cover:
  • Libido and infertility: how are they connected?
  • When conceiving becomes a source of pressure than pleasure
  • The emotional toll that comes with the “perfect timing” method
  • Intimacy and fertility myths
  • Benefits of spontaneous intimacy
  • Monitoring male ovulation
  • Strategies for conception that defies traditional gender roles
  • Beyond “Infertility” Summit: Navigating Your Path to Parenthood

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