Workshop: All Things Orgasm

Live July 22nd at Five pm MDT

With Expert Dr. Diane Mueller

Because Couples that Play Together Stay Together

Thyroid and Libido

I wanted to create this for you to finally help you:

Live June 22nd at Five pm MDT

Feel More Pleasure

Be More Connected to Your Partner

Stop having "duty sex"

Understand what your pleasure body really wants/ needs

Have deeper, long and better orgasms

Have different kinds of orgasm

Balance your hormones, your sleep and more with orgasms

Learn how to have orgasms if they are difficult for you to achieve

Learn how to communicate with your partner about what to do to contribute to your orgasms

Feel like a sexy woman again

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Words From Clients

2000 + Happy Clients

Dr. Mueller’s approach to medicine is refreshing! There is only so much you can do with western medicine and in my life I was needing a new approach. By addressing the whole body, nutritional diet factors, environmental factors, blood work, and incorporating ideas I had not previously known, I was able to break through with my conditions. I am not only experiencing less pain in my life, but through the process of healing guided by Dr. Diane Mueller, I am now happy to say I have more consciousness surrounding how I eat, what to eat and when things are appropriate. Living by example Dr. Mueller has a vibrancy that makes you want to learn and know more about your body and overall health. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for new answers, a new approach to health, or in need of freedom from pain and limitations.

Storie S.

Dr. Diane took one look at my lab results and taught me how to improve my health. She is the rare functional medicine practitioner. She has been so helpful. I am very glad I went to her. I really didn’t even realize I was feeling badly until I started to make changes she suggested to me. She’s been wonderful!”

Susy T.

Dr. Diane saved my life.

Rose M.

Within 6 weeks, my chronic pain started to dissipate. I was able to engage in physical activities again. My anxiety was reduced. I was actually on such a rise that I decided to finally start working again. I told Diane i I was physically and mentally incapable of working! It was such a rapid change. I couldn’t believe that my gut and stress levels were to blame for the many symptoms I was suffering for years… Her team truly made me feel cared for and would always follow up and help me stay encouraged on my lifelong path of healing. I am now at a healthy weight, visibly happier and a lot stronger! I could write a book on all they’ve taught me, but instead I’ll say thank you.

Michaeli Reefe

I can’t say enough positive comments about Diane. She is a wonderful and thorough practitioner! She has helped many of my friends and myself uncover hidden illnesses and taught us about treatment that is far more safe and efficient than some traditional methods. I am constantly trying to get my friends and family to see her. It saddens me how so few people are willing to invest in their health. If you are a person who values your health, you must see Dr. Diane ASAP! You won’t be disappointed!

Kristen D.

As a doctor myself I am very particular about which doctors I work with. I would highly recommend Dr. Mueller. She is extremely proficient and goes above and beyond to continually educate herself so she can provide the highest level of care.

Dr. David Adams

Dr. Mueller is so committed to helping patients heal and improve quality of life.

Denni David

I came to Dr. Diane after decades (literally) of ailments, some of which the traditional medical community could diagnose but couldn’t treat or they couldn’t even diagnose. I’d been self-treating for years (at a HUGE expense) with some success but only reduced a few symptoms. Nothing was going away. My life was getting more and more isolated. I started work with Dr. Diane about 1.5 yrs ago and feel sooooo much better. I’m able to eat more food including fruit. I’m able to exercise rigorously which allows me to consume more calories and nutrients for healing.”

Maria K.
My Libido Doc

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My Libido Doc - As Seen On
My Libido Doc - As Seen On
My Libido Doc - As Seen On

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If you buy the one time masterclass, we guarantee you have 3 months. If you do the monthly recurring, you have access to our entire library of classes, plus discussion groups, lab tests, protocols and more!

For only $49 a month, you will get access to our entire library of past masterclasses. You will have access to a community of women just like you. (we only work with women in our classes). You will have access to lab tests, to supplements at discounts and to live calls with Dr. Diane to ask her questions. In addition, we have videos on gut health, thyroid, stress, adrenals, micronutrients and more. Learn how to bring your libido, sex life and your body back to balance.

We love actionable steps and plans! You will walk away with a deeper understanding of what could be driving your low libido as well as specific action steps to take to improve it!

Yes, even if you cannot make it live, we will make sure you get the replay!

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