Cervical Climax: The Deepest Orgasm of Your Life with Jamie Thompson

Episode 41
Cervical Climax: The Deepest Orgasm of Your Life

Ever feel a little cervix tension during sex? Let’s talk about it.

Today, we’ll discuss how to release cervical tension (and mental distress) — as we endeavor to ultimately lose ourselves in sexual pleasure and deep, mindblowing orgasms. We are joined by Jamie Thompson, a sex and initimacy coach and creator behind Awakened Woman, an online haven for women embracing their feminine essence and sexual freedom.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to break free from the good girl syndrome and reclaim your sexual freedom
  • Misconceptions about cervical sex
  • How to achieve cervical orgasms
  • How to explore self-awareness in sexual pleasure
  • How to de-armor your body and unlock deeper orgasmic experiences

Stay classy and sexy. Slip into something comfortable, and listen to the episode now. 💖

About the Guest:

Jamie Elizabeth Thompson is a Sex, Intimacy, and Feminine Potency Coach and Founder of Awakened Woman, an online curriculum and community for women to reconnect with their pleasure, power, and feminine essence. What links do you want us to include on the show? 

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