All Things Lube

Episode 9
All Things Lube

Should I use a silicon-lube or a water-based one? 

What’s the best lube for anal play? How about for vaginal play? 

If I know my skin is sensitive, which lube should I choose? What ingredients should I avoid?

There may be many types of lubes in the market, but not all of them are made equal. In today’s episode, we are diving into all things lube. We’ll explore the ins and outs of each type, and how to choose the best one suited for your needs in the bedroom.

We’ll cover:
  • The different types of lube
  • Side effects of certain lubes
  • How to know if you’re having an allergic reaction from using lubes
  • Is it OK to use pantry solutions as a lube (i.e. coconut oil, avocado oil)?
  • What lube to choose for vaginal health
  • What lube to choose for oral, vaginal, and anal play
  • What lube to pair with which condom

Stay classy and sexy. Listen to the episode now. 


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