Gracefully Power Through Menopause with Naomi Harris

Episode 30

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused about your peri and menopausal changes, then this episode is for you.

Together with our menopause expert Naomi Harris, join us as we peel back the layers of this life-altering transition, discussing not just the physical symptoms that can turn women’s lives upside down, but also the profound identity shifts that accompany them. This isn’t just about hot flashes; it’s about the essence of being a woman in a society that often turns a blind eye to our evolving needs and the silent battles we fight to maintain our sense of self.

We’ll cover:
  • The Menopause Revolution
  • Preparing for menopause before it begins
  • How to maintain your sense of self and confidence during this transition
  • Societal views of aging and how it may be affecting your self-esteem
  • Menopause and libido
  • Menopause and relationships
  • Symptoms of menopause
  • Addressing pelvic pain
  • Why self-compassion is so important 
  • How to empower yourself during your golden years

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About the Guest:

Naomi is a sexual and genital pain specialist. She supports women to heal their pelvic and sexual numbness, lack of libido and orgasm, pain and discomfort, so that they can live a turned on life full of pleasure, passion and epic sex.

With over 15 years experience as a naturopath, she incorporates psycho-sexual understandings, as well as de-armouring and other therapies in a whole person approach to healing.

She works online and in person with women around the world, who are managing a wide range of pelvic health conditions such as vaginismus and vulvodynia, sexual pain caused by hormonal changes, as well as undiagnosed sexual and vaginal pain.

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