Holistic Wellness and Natural Remedies for a Healthy Libido

Episode 27

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In the trenches of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook how stress, sleep patterns, and even the modern plague of blue light can dampen our deepest desires. But with practical tools like blue light blockers and diet tweaks, we’ll unravel how to combat these libido lurkerslibido-lurkers head-on.

As for herbal remedies, we’ll delve into adrenal-loving herbs like Ashwagandha and heart-healthy supplements that keep the blood pumping in all the right places. We’ll even tackle how too much time on your tush can be a buzzkill for your sex life. Shake off the sedentary slump and shake things up with insights on movement that could very well lead to movements of a more… intimate kind. 😉

We’ll cover:
  • Stress, sleep, and libido
  • Strategies to improve sleep quality
  • Diet for libido and hormone production
  • How to identify the main root cause of your libido
  • Debunking myths of aphrodisiacaprodisiac foods
  • The role of oxytocin in your love life
  • How to boost oxytocin naturally
  • Herbs that support adrenal health (and combat stress!)
  • Tests and supplements for your cardiovascular health
  • Herbs for a calmer nervous system
  • Impact of sex hormones on our physical state
  • The dangers of excessive sitting and a sedentary lifestyle
  • How to stay in shape for a better sex life

So, cozy up with your favorite device (but not for too long!), and let’s tune into what makes our hearts and other parts tick. Listen to the episode now. 💖

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