Love Yourself, Love Your Sex Life with Emily Wishall

Episode 40
Uncover the secrets to loving yourself and your sex life

Why is (consistent!) self-love such a challenge?

It’s totally normal to struggle with this – especially on days with bad skin and extra pockets of belly fat. We hit the gym, try to eat better, and sometimes we feel a little boost—but then, poof, it fades after a day or two. What gives?

In this episode of Libido Lounge, we are joined by embodiment expert Emily Wishall as we explore the transformative power of being fully present in your own skin—boosting not just your well-being but also lighting up your sexual pleasure like never before.

We’re diving straight into the societal pressures that try to disconnect us from our physical selves, dissecting how they sow self-doubt and how we can reclaim our power for a deeper level of sexual pleasure. 💖 

We’ll cover:
  • Radical embodiment and self-love 
  • Being present in your own body 
  • Societal pressures that lead to self-comparison and self-loathing 
  • How to practice genuine self-love and not slide back 
  • Cultivating self-awareness 

Stay classy and sexy. Listen to the episode now. 💖

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About the Guest: Emily Wishall is the founder of Radical Embodiment, a transformative approach to breaking free from body shame, insecurity, and unhappiness. With a background in Embodiment Coaching, Rolfing Structural Integration, and the Art of Feminine Presence, Emily is dedicated to helping women navigate their journey from disliking their bodies to loving them.

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