Prioritizing Personal Pleasure

Episode 33
Prioritizing Personal Pleasure


Have you ever felt stuck with how to know what is pleasurable or how to mentally prioritize yourself? You’re not alone! So many feel this way and struggle to “turn off”.

In today’s episode of Libido Lounge, we’ll talk about prioritizing self-care and how doing so can greatly affect your sex life. We’ll also explore the unexpected twists in sexual desire that often come post-breakup and reveal why indulging in self-pleasure isn’t just a solo act of passion but a critical step in nurturing your well-being.

We’ll cover:
  • How personal pleasure can fluctuate post-breakup
  • Recognizing that your sexual pleasure is your responsibility
  • Kegels and post-pregnancy recovery
  • The importance of maintaining a fitness regimen
  • The role of pleasure in balancing hormones and stress
  • Retraining your brain to prioritize pleasure

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