The Libido Landscape: What do Statistics Say?

Episode 22

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Did you know that the highest percentage of couples experimenting with anal play starts in your 40s?

How about the stark drop from 72% (below the age of 60) to 57% (after the age of 60) when it comes to having an active sex life?

In today’s episode, we offer you more interesting statistics as we put our nerd’s glasses on and dive deep into research findings on low libido and the different factors that contribute to it. We’ll explore the ebb and flow of desire through the years, perimenopause, anal sex, emotional safety, and hacking your libido to want sex.

We’ll cover:
  • How sex drive changes through the years
  • Perimenopause and libido
  • What statistics say about starting anal play in your 40’s
  • The discrepancy between male and female libido
  • Emotional safety and libido (what causes shame and guilt in the relationship?)
  • Quality of life and libido
  • How often should couples have sex? 
  • Hacking your mind (and libido) to want sex

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