Why Is My Libido Low

Why is My Libido Low?

Like so many areas of health, libido is connected to many different factors. To answer the question, “why is my libido low”, we can start by breaking it down into physical, mental and environmental root causes. Let’s look at the some of the physical reasons first. Please note that there are many more reasons than just these! You can get additional information about this topic on my blog: Low Libido In Women.

Physical Reasons for Why My Libido is Low

There are many reasons for low libido from a physical root cause perspective. We are covering some of them here:

1) Stress. Stress causes an increase in cortisol which has been shown to cause a decrease in sex and sexual performance.

2) Blood sugar: Low blood sugar (called hypoglycemia) has been shown to cause increases in cortisol (which helps to stabilize the blood sugar), which can in turn lead to a decrease in sexual desire.

3) Low levels of androgens: Low levels of testosterone and DHEA (testosterone precursor meaning we make testosterone out of DHEA) have been shown to be correlated with low levels of libido.

4) Research on estrogen and libido and men is interesting as it is showing that in situations of low testosterone, giving estrogen can really improve libido function. While there is less research for women, it is very clear that estrogen helps with vaginal lubrication and healthy vaginal tissue. Low estrogen levels can lead to dyspareunia (pain with intercourse).

5) Vascular insufficiencies and conditions such as high cholesterol and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) can also lead to situations such as less blood flow to the erectile tissue (of both men and women).

Mental Reasons for “Why is My Libido Low”?

You know those days that your head is constantly running lists (maybe that’s even most days)?

When we are in a state of constantly tracking so many things, our body tends to run on adrenaline. And guess what, adrenaline is largely the opposite of a healthy libido.

When your adrenaline is pumping you are in survival mode on a primal level, and I am not talking about the “procreation of the species” kind of survival. I am talking from the “running from the tiger” kind of survival. And when this happens, intimacy is not on the table. Since society has unfortunately made the conversation of sexual intimacy so taboo, there is very little that is being talked about it.

While studies differ a bit in number, it may be as high at 52 percent of women report low libido.[iv] Despite this being an incredibly common symptom, it is not talked about. This can lead people to feel isolated and alone, which can sometimes worsen the issue. Compounded with that is how media has portrayed orgasm to be a quick and easy thing to grasp for the woman, yet the female pleasure tissue is much more sophisticated than that.

It is easy to get inside of our heads as to why something is not working and have our minds wander in the middle of sexual experiences due to the lack of arousal and the random thoughts that cross our mind while we are “supposed” to be in the intimate moment.

Environmental Reasons for “Why is My Libido Low”?

The number one environmental reason really has to do with any sexual partners and the intimate relationship with them. For many women safety is a huge factor with being able to full let go and enjoy intimacy.

If there has been fighting or anything that has led to a feeling of not being able to totally trust a partner, it may be difficult to assess your arousal center. Learn more about root causes of low libido HERE.

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