Low Libido Meaning

Low Libido Meaning

We’ve all heard of libido…even low libido…. But what does it actually mean?

The meaning of low libido is that you have no interest in having sex, masturbating or sexual thoughts. Libido is sex drive and if it’s low, you’re just not into in sex. Low libido is actually a pretty common phenomenon. People don’t often talk about it but it happens in both women and in men, for various reasons.

There is no official way to count or track if your libido is low. It’s not like we track how many times a week. It’s simple: if you just don’t have sexual thoughts or sexual desires over time, say 1-2 months, then we can say that you have low libido. 

In the medical community the official diagnosis for low libido is called hypoactive sexual desire disorder. It is defined as having low desire for sex for 6 months or more. This being said, it can be difficult to subjectively determine, “what exactly is low desire”?

Low Libido Meaning

Low libido may be a problem that you want to change. Or you may just think ‘it is what it is’ and not be too concerned with your low libido. But it is actually healthy to have sex. Pretty much everyone can benefit from more sex. By not having sex, due to low libido issues, we miss out on an amazing magic pill of health benefits.

Physical contact, cuddling, sexual activity and orgasm all release the Love hormone oxytocin. The benefits of having sex and oxytocin include:

  • Better sleep: an orgasm causes the release of melatonin, the Sleep hormone. 
  • A feeling of calm and well-being that comes from the mix of hormones released during sex.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Glowing and vibrant skin.
  • Better immune system.
  • A better relationship: sex keeps things flirty & fun between you and your partner.
  • Better cardiovascular health.
  • Improved self-esteem, better social interactions and increased trust.
  • Decreased depression and anxiety.
  • Feeling more relaxed and less stressed out due to decreased cortisol levels. 
  • Increased libido, so you’ll want to have even more sex.
  • Immediate and drug-free pain relief.
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That is a lot to miss out on if you just accept your low libido. Fortunately, we can help. We are a clinic focusing on libido. I am The Libido Doctor after all! We help women get their mojo back and derive joy from their libido, their sex life and their intimate relationships.

Are there symptoms of a low libido? There certainly are and they are things like:

  • As we said, a lower interest in sex and low sexual desire
  • Having low sex drive no matter what kind of sexual activity you try
  • Being worried about not being interested in sex
  • Being unhappy that you have no interest in sex

How can you be sure that you have low libido?

You might see yourself in some of those symptoms. Or it might help to ask yourself some questions about your sex drive:

  • Do you think your personal life would be better if you had a higher libido?
  • Do you think that your relationship(s) could benefit from a higher libido?
  • Was there a time in your life when you had a higher libido and felt good about it?
  • What do you think a higher libido would create in your life that you do not have now?
  • Would you benefit from having a higher libido and how?

There are reasons why your libido may be low. It could be relationship issues or health issues with your own body. It can also be a head thing. Stress, anxiety or depression definitely don’t help with feeling sexy. Or maybe you just had a baby or are going through menopause. Whatever it is, we can help.

You may not realize that not having sex is affecting your health. But if your libido goes up and you start to have more sex, we bet you will have an AHA moment. The magic wonder pill of regular fulfilling sex will release oxytocin. And you will start to notice the amazing benefits of the oxytocin and more frequent sex and feel all the better for it!

At The Libido Doctor we help women who want to want it.

Join us to begin the journey with us to help you restore your libido.  Want to learn more about what causes low libido in women and what you can do about it? Check out our blog: Low Libido In Women

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