Low Libido Treatment Female

Low Libido Treatment Female

The first thing to be aware of for treatment of low libido is that the cause of low libido is different from woman to woman and typically involves a variety of factors.

For example, if you are in a relationship that has moved away from romantic love into more of a friendship type of love, your low libido may in part come from the change in that relationship. Typically, the longer this sort of situation has gone on for the harder it can be to cross paths back into the romantic zone. It can feel awkward, and you may find it hard to remember why it was so easy to access that energy in the past. Treatment for this is often times talking about it, acknowledging that is might be awkward and then doing it anyways.

Low Libido Treatment Female

Other times there are huge physical reasons for low libido. Balancing blood sugar, sex hormone levels, thyroid function, and improving cardiovascular function can all play a big role for women. This can be using herbs like berberine for balancing blood sugar, DHEA for sex hormones and taking potassium to improve blood pressure. Check out my blog on natural libido supplements for females to learn more about what these sorts of nutrients do.

Certainly, hormones change as we age, but blaming age as the reason for low libido is an unfortunate thing. As we age our body does change, but we can support our body through those changes and still have robust intimate desire.

Another thing that is super common for women is a disconnect from their pleasure centers. The female anatomy is sophisticated with there being three types of orgasms available: cervical, clitoral and g spot. Since understanding this information is not something that is commonly talked about, many women feel dissatisfied with sexual intimacy due in part to not being able to fully reach climax. This can make intimacy feel more obligatory than pleasurable, which over time can lead to an incredibly low libido.

Jade egg practices can provide solutions for becoming more in tune with your pleasure centers. Jade egg exercises involve inserting piece of jade shaped like an egg intravaginally and contracting the variety of muscles that exist in the vulva and pelvic floor. This helps to strengthen this area and can lead to more sensation during intimacy. Jade is important to use as it is nonporous and therefore easy to clean and sanitize to make sure unhealthy bacteria does not enter your lady part.

There is no way getting around the stress and libido connection. When we are stressed, we secrete a variety of chemicals that do not tend to “put us in the mood”. What is ironic about this is that the oxytocin that is released with orgasm is one of the best ways to lower those stress chemicals. 

Therefore, sometimes working with low libido is also allowing enough time for foreplay and teasing to get juices starting to flow on the stressful days.

Low libido treatment involves getting the proper lab work done to evaluate the variety of root causes such as thyroid, adrenal function, sex hormone levels, inflammation and more. 

Once the individual physical root causes are found, the next step is to treat them. In addition, doing jade egg practices and becoming more familiar with one’s anatomy as well as getting honest with oneself about your unique turn ons and turn offs can help.

While talking about intimacy can be challenging, not talking about it often times becomes the elephant in the room. In our work at the libido doctor, we educate our clients about how to have these difficult conversations more effectively. In addition, working with a sex counselor can be helpful. To learn more who we are and how we can help restore low libido in the women we work with go to our page HERE!

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