Best Libido Boosters for Women

Best Libido Boosters for Women

Libido boosters for women are a bit of a fad. It is easy to get swept up by promises of quick fixes that you can read about online.

When it comes to boosting low libido, it is less about understanding the best libido booster for women and more about understanding why the libido is low to begin with. You can check out more blogs we have on these sorts of topics HERE!

Best Libido Boosters for Women

But Before We Talk about the Best Libido Boosters for Women…

There are some generalities that we can make when it comes to boosting that fallen libido. The first one sounds simple, but it can be complex. Most women need to feel safe to have a healthy libido. When we do not feel safe, our cortisol and adrenaline rise. And for most women, this turns off any desire or drive. Think about this anatomically.

If you are in a hetero relationship, having a man literally enter inside you is the most vulnerable thing in the entire world. To allow that to happen is giving up a certain amount of control. The body does not lie. If you feel unsafe (even subconsciously) due to big things or simple things such as being minorly gaslit in conversation or having a partner snap at you when you needed a hug, this can lead to safety needs being unmet.

If small little things that make you feel unsafe happen repeatedly, it can lead to the body really shutting down sexual desire. I speak about this before going into a list on best libido boosters for women because these things will likely not work if there are other underlying needs that are not being met. If you feel stressed, unsafe, worried, or anxious, working on boosters for the libido likely will not solve the problem!

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The 7 Best Libido Boosters for Women:
  1. DHEA: this hormone is a precursor for testosterone and declines as we age. It is linked to a healthy libido as well as healthy anti-aging.
  2. Gaba: This is a natural product that helps your nervous system calm and can be supportive of lowering the stress response in individuals.
  3. Maca: 8 weeks of this root at 1500-3000 mg/day has been shown to help with low libido.
  4. Peptide therapy is gaining more publicity these days. VIP is a peptide that can help with libido.
  5. Dopamine enhancing products such as SAMe, B6 and Tyrosine can help with libido.
  6. Pine Bark has been shown to improve libido in menopausal women.
  7. Tribulus is another impressive herb for improving libido.

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